Your Guide to Fun Activities Near Holt Plumbing and Heating

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Discover the hidden gems of Des Moines and its surrounding areas as you wait for the anticipated services of Holt Plumbing and Heating. There’s an abundance of activities for you to enjoy in this beautiful city. Whether you’re a resident or just passing by, there’s always something interesting to do.

Des Moines: The Heart of Iowa

Popularly known for its lively urban feel and small heritage attractions, Des Moines is the city of surprises. Meet enchanting animals at Blank Park Zoo or explore Pappajohn Sculpture Park’s magnificent outdoor displays. If you like vegan food, A Dong whips up a great plate of tofu fried rice to keep you energized for your city exploration.

When it comes to Central AC Repair, we know, Des Moines never fails. It has advanced to become a leading spot for HVAC and air conditioning services whilst maintaining a harmonious blend of historic monuments and modern installations.

West Des Moines: Where Epic Meets Modern

Packed with unique culture and extensive shopping options, West Des Moines is where the fun doesn’t stop. Visit the Jordan Creek Town Center for a one-stop-shop, dine-and-play experience or enjoy trekking at the Raccoon River Park.

While you get your air conditioner installation or an HVAC service in West Des Moines, seize the opportunity to relish the local scene. You won’t be disappointed.

Norwalk & Johnston: Nature’s Haven

Norwalk and Johnston presents you a cozy feel of Iowa countryside. Don’t simply request for air conditioning repair and leave. Take time to marvel at the charm these places offer. Get yourself lost in Johnston’s scenic trails or try Norwalk’s famous homemade apple cider.

No matter what brought you to these areas, we wish you a fun exploration experience while HVAC servicing needs are being taken care of by Holt Plumbing and Heating Inc.